DreamCloud: The Comfortable Luxury Mattress

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What Is Dream Cloud?

Sleep is something that every single one of us needs.  It helps repair and rejuvenate the body, refreshing us for the next day.  

But in order to get a great nights sleep, you need a high quality mattress.  In this article, we will discuss what makes DreamCloud Sleep so great and why you should consider ordering one today. 

What makes Dream Cloud Sleep so great?

There are many reasons as to why DreamCloud Sleep is so great.  

For starters, it uses 8 layers of premium material.  This makes a full 15 inches of material that one is sleeping on each and every night.  There is a hand crafted Tufted EuroTop Cashmere blend on the top.  This makes it super soft and oh so comfortable. 

The next layer is gel infused memory foam.  This is what makes the bed so plush.  It will support your body’s contours while being cooling. 

The third layer is quilted memory foam, which is super soft.  Many compare this material to clouds. 

The forth layer is supreme natural latex.  This material is hypoallergenic, providing a cushioning bounce.

The next layer, number five, is DreamPlush Memory foam.  This high density foam gives deep contouring support.

Super dense soft memory foam makes the sixth layer.  This is a very dense foam that cradles the body no matter how you sleep. 

The seventh layer is the patent pending bedrest coils.  Micro coils are compressed with a five zoned foam.  This provides much support from head to toe. 

And in the final layer, high density super soft memory foam helps to reduce motion transfer, giving you the best night sleep ever. 

This mattress is perfect for any type of sleeper:  back, side, or stomach.  The bed is very soft and cooling, luxurious looking and feeling, and very strong.  It is super breathable.  DreamCloud Sleeper mattresses come in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California King. 

Each DreamCloud is certified pure.  They are also better for the environment.  They are mercury free, and flame retardant.  Each mattress is guaranteed to be free from defects from the workmanship and the materials for as long as you have the mattress. 

In Summary

As you can see, DreamCloud Sleep Mattresses are high quality and luxurious.  They are 15 inches thick, and made with super soft materials to keep you cool and comfortable.  They come in a variety of sizes and are made for any type of sleeper.  If you are looking for a bed that will last forever, Dream Cloud Sleep Mattresses are a surefire bet!  

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