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About eBooks.com

EBooks.com was launched in 2000. It’s a popular retailer of eBooks that comes with a reputation of integrity, innovation and independence. They sell eBooks to millions of individuals all over the world as well as have five local sales portals in:

  • UK
  • US
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Canada

You can go online to read their books or download them on multiple devices through EBook Reader apps.

Life-long booksellers Trudy and Stephen Cole are the founders of this privately held company. It’s actually the only independent retailer of eBooks that sells worldwide into every country, including the International Space Station and Antarctica.

Generally speaking, purchasing any eBook will cost you less than purchasing it in physical form since it’s a lot cheaper for the publishers to produce. And, you have the ability to take eBooks wherever you go on your:

  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Favorite mobile device

EBooks.com Book Formats

EBooks.com offers its consumers an impressive choice of titles in a large range of genres, including academic books and foreign language books. It’s known for its quality products, affordable rates and great accessibility from just about any mobile or handheld device.

Presently, they sell eBooks in the following formats:

  • PDF for EBook Reader
  • EPUB for EBook Reader (for mobile devices, this is the preferred choice)
  • EPUB for Digital Editions
  • PDF for Digital Editions
  • Online Reader format (you can read it in your browser without needing any software)

All devices that are compatible with EBook Reader (Android, iOS, Kindle Fire & Blackberry) or Adobe Digital Editions support these formats.

Most of the eBooks you can use the Online Reader or most web browsers to read the eBooks.

Benefits of EBooks.com

You get the added confidence and comfort that this site is legitimate since it is regarded highly by businesses and they send their visitors to the site to get their eBooks. In fact, there are more than 930 independent websites that are presently directing their visitors to eBooks.com. Not to mention, the world’s highly respected and regarded book publishers do as well.

Ebooks.com provides a robust search tool that allows you to quickly and easily find any one of your favorite eBooks using their database. Once you purchase an eBooks, it’s instantly delivered to you.

Pricing and Categories

You can browse and buy eBooks from eBooks.com in a few easy and quick steps with the website’s intuitive and clean user interface. The eBooks are arranged in categories, including:

  • Recommended
  • Bestsellers
  • Featured Titles
  • Newly Arrived

You can buy eBooks from this website for as little as $0.99 per eBook as well as take advantage of daily discounts and deals.

While the eBooks on eBooks.com aren’t free, you’re almost always going to get them at much highly discounted prices than their printed copies. The simple and free App and Reader software allows you to read any one of your favorite eBooks from any one of your favorite devices.

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