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About EyeGlasses.com

Eyeglasses.com founded the Virtual Try On (VTO) eyewear system on the web in 2003 with two issued patents. Individuals can use the VTO system on Eyeglasses.com by clicking on the VTO icon. Half of the frames on Eyeglasses.com will have the VTO icon on them. Press the icon and be taken to the product detail page where you can upload your own photo and see yourself wearing the glasses.

Why Choose Eyeglasses.com?

Here are some benefits of getting your glasses at Eyeglasses.com:

  • Get stylish prescription glasses online at a low price (around 50% less than the average retailer)
  • Get high-quality glasses: You won’t find cheap, low-quality eyeglasses here. Most online eyeglass stores sell low quality, low priced lenses and frames. Not Eyeglasses.com.
  • Biggest selection of best fashion eyeglass brands: Eyeglasses.com provides 380 top designer glasses and sunglasses brands and more than 200,000 styles of chic frames.
  • Replacement lenses service: To replace your lenses, you simply mail your old frames to Eyeglasses.com and you’ll receive a replacement, which will save you on aggravation and money.
  • Simple returns: Eyeglasses.com provides a simple 30-day full return policy on your glasses frames. Even if you ordered four frames, you can still return three for a full refund.
  • Made in the U.S.: Eyeglasses.com high-quality lenses are made by world prescription lenses leaders in the U.S.
  • Free shipping: Eyeglasses.com provides shipping for free in the U.S. and many other countries.

How Does Eyeglasses.com Work?

Order stylish glasses with lenses or order just frames. If you’re buying frames only, Eyeglasses.com will ship it to you and you can then go to your local optical shop to have your lenses adjusted or installed.

Call or email Eyeglasses.com customer service if you need help buying your eyeglasses online. You can use their Virtual Try On application and upload your photo and use their Frame Search page to browse a large inventory of frames for your specific requirements like material, frame size and shape.

Ordering through Eyeglasses.com

Step 1: Obtain a pupillary distance measurement (PD) and get a prescription through your eye doctor.

Step 2: Choose your lenses. Progressive, single vision or bifocal lenses?

Step 3: Select a frame. After browsing the large inventory of frames, add the frame you choose to your shopping cart.

Step 4: Add the lenses. After choosing your desired frame, you can click on “add lenses to frame” to add your lenses. Clicking this button will take you to the Lens Wizard will you’ll be walked through the process of choosing your ideal lens. Remember, you can contact Eyeglasses.com through phone or email at anytime for help.

5. Check out. Once you’re finished in Lens Wizard, you’ll see your chosen lens in your shopping car and you simply check out at that point and you’re done.

If you carry vision insurance benefits, contact your vision insurance provider and see what benefits you have available.

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