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What Is GameFly?

If you are in the habit of purchasing your movies and video games, GameFly might be just the ticket for you. GameFly is a subscription service that allows you to rent movies and video games by mail. You can keep them as long as you want with no late fees. You can also purchase movies and games at its store.

GameFly is the go-to-source in America for classic and new video game and movie rentals. They have thousands of titles you can pick from and you can rent used or new video games and movies without ever having to worry about late fees. If you rent a game or movie and decide you would like to keep it indefinitely, you can buy it through GameFly at a pre-owned, low price.

If you rent a movie or video game that you’re not happy with, you simply send it back and GameFly will rush you out another video game or movie right to your doorstep for free so you can begin playing the game or watching the movie right away. Whether you prefer the nostalgia of older movies and video games or you prefer only today’s hottest systems, you’ll find all the best used and new movies and video games at GameFly.

Pros of GameFly


  • Mobile app
  • Competitive monthly fees
  • No late fees (you keep the movies or games as long as you like)
  • Huge collection of video games (for a variety of consoles) and movies to choose from

GameFly’s Features

GameFly offers many features, including:

  • Movie rental: You’ll find used and new titles which include bestsellers, games on sales and preorders. Choose discs in Blue-Ray format or DVD.
  • Video game rental: Choose between a huge range of video games for handhelds and consoles.
  • GameFly store: If you love a certain game, you can pay a slightly lower than retail price and keep it forever. You can also buy other titles through the GameFly store and it’s yours to own.
  • Queue for titles: You can load your queue up with at least 10 titles you wish to rent. You can place the titles in your own priority order and GameFly will send them out in the order you prefer.
  • Blog: GameFly has their own blog where you can stay up-to-date on new releases, upcoming events, reviews and gaming news.
  • Return shipping slip: You’ll receive your rentals in a white shipping envelope that comes with a postage-paid return envelope for if or when you decide you want to return it.

You can keep movies and video games for as long as you wish provided you have a GameFly membership. GameFly is a perfect service for avid gamers who tend to play three or more games each month. It’s also ideal for people looking for older titles that don’t seem to lower in price in regular stores. GameFly is also the perfect solution if you’re looking to try a video game out before you commit to buying it.
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