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Synthetic Diamonds Vs. Real Diamonds

Jewelry store owners are worried about a company giving away gorgeous diamond earrings.  While this is great for you, jewelers do not want you to know that diamonds are not rare like they lead everyone to believe.

Why are diamonds so expensive?

Diamonds are so expensive because jewelers place a price tag on them that is outrageous.  This makes us believe that they are rare and worth every penny.  In fact, African mines have a huge supply of these precious stones that miners bring to the jewelers to sell with a huge markup.  Thus, jewelers and miners rake in a large amount of cash.

Diamonds are believed by the general public to be rare, and this is why many individuals do not have an issue paying top dollar for their glamorous precious stones.

What if you decide that the diamond is not right for you a year down the road?  It is still in mint condition, so you believe you can recover a good deal of your money.  You ask the exact same jeweler to buy it back from you.  And they offer you a significantly less amount of money you paid for it.  Why?  Because it is not worth what you paid for it in the first place.

And many may not think about this, but have you ever looked at how many diamonds are in the jewelry store at once?  Whether they are in rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, they are generally in a large supply.  Multiple this by all the jewelry stores in the world, and it appears that diamonds are not as rare as we are led to believe.

What are Synthetic Diamonds?

Synthetic Diamonds are imitation diamonds that come from the same mold so they all look perfect.  These diamonds provide a look that is amazing at a much smaller price tag than other diamonds.  Many will be in awe of your lab diamond collection, and only you have to know that it is not a true diamond.

What are the benefits of Synthetic Diamonds?

There are many wonderful benefits of owning Synthetic Diamonds.  These include:

  • They carry a price tag that is much cheaper than a true diamond.
  • Synthetic Diamonds are environmentally sustainable.
  • You do not need to worry about blood diamonds.  You will know exactly where your diamond came from.
  • Synthetic Diamonds are fun to own.
  • These diamonds are a great value for the money.
  • Only you will know that they are not “true” diamonds.

The Price Tag of Synthetic Diamonds

So now that we have peaked your interest, you are probably wondering what a lab diamond will cost.  Well you certain will not be paying thousands of dollars for one! Synthetic Diamonds are much less pricier.  In fact, you can easily find a style you like for only a hundred dollars.  Or there are some on the market that are much cheaper, even in the tens and twenties!  Just think, with this price tag, you can afford to have a huge jewelry collection!

Right now you can get these LuLu Lab Diamonds for free, just pay shipping!
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