Snow Teeth Whitening System

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What is Snow?

Looking for an easy way to get teeth that are as white as snow?  But do not want to have to spend hours or lots of money to get these results?  If this sounds like you, Snow is a product that you should consider trying. 

Snow is a teeth whitening kit that was developed in California.  In 9 minutes a day, you can transform your yellowed or dingy teeth into a Hollywood masterpiece.  Deep coffee and wine stains can be erased when this effective product is used. 

Snow has been featured on The Doctors, GQ, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and the Oprah Magazine. There are also many editors that have loved this product.  These include those from Good Housekeeping, WebMD, Real Simple, Bazaar, Eating Well, Levo, Crunchbase, msn, Marie Clarie, and many more.  

Snow is a patent-pending product that was researched very well.  Several years were used to formulate a product that works well, better than any other product on the market. 

Included in your Snow package is:

  • 1 mouthpiece with an LED accelerating technology for faster results.
  • 3 whitening wands filled with advanced whitening serum to erase stains.
  • 1 extra strength whitening serum wand which provides almost double the whitening power.

With this product, you will be able to:

  • Control how white you want your teeth in seconds.
  • Have results guaranteed with a 5-year warranty.

Benefits of Snow

Snow has many benefits. These include:

  • Never tested on animals
  • Fast free shipping
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Every order helps a child in need
  • Only takes 9 minutes or less per day
  • Safe for all types of teeth
  • 500,000+ happy customers
  • You can still drink coffee, tea, wine, and other beverages that stain the teeth while using Snow. 
  • Can be used even if you have fillings. 
  • Money back guarantee.
  • 99% satisfaction rating
  • 5 year warranty

How to use Snow

Snow teeth whitening kit is simple to use.  The whitening serum can be brushed onto the teeth like using a paintbrush.  You then use the mouthpiece, connecting it to start the session.  Once done, you will need to rinse your mouth out with warm water, as well as rinse the device off.  

For faster results, you should brush prior to using Snow.  Leave on for 30 minutes, and use up to two times per day.

Each kit has enough for at least 75 treatments. This equals out to be about $2 per treatment done.  

Is Snow safe?

Snow is a very safe product to use.  As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you will be able to whiten the teeth in a safe manner.  It is safe to use on bridges, caps, crowns, braces, and veneers. 

The mission of Snow

Snow has a mission to bring quality dental care to all.  With 18 million children not having dental care, Snow has donated to help make it possible for those kids to receive it.  It is the hope of Snow to work with organizations that will help deliver daily dental care to all these children.
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